What kind of a girlfriend are you based on your zodiac sign?


While astrology can’t tell us when you’ll win the lotto or where you’ll find your love, it can help you navigate your relationships. In reality, your Sun sign might foretell your conduct in a love relationship and the type of mate you’ll become. So, if you’re wondering, as per astrology, this is the kind of girlfriend you are.


Did somebody say something about a baby? Aries is one of the zodiac’s most needy signs, requiring their partner’s complete and entire attention. No matter how casual you are on the pitch, you aren’t the “try taking it simple” sort of woman in a relationship. Please don’t feel jealous!


Taurus, you are the sort of person who would rather not be in a relationship and cope with the problems of others. Relating to other people isn’t your strong suit, but you may be a real clinger when you do. You hardly date, but you give it your all when you do.


With a blink of an eye and a flutter of an eyelid, Gemini, you can enchant someone. That’s how attractive you are: you have your spouse biting out of your palm, conforming to your timetable, following you wherever, and rearranging their life to fit you.


You are watchful and kind, yet your quiet and profound nature makes it difficult for you to convey your love. Notwithstanding this, as a companion, you are always there mentally and an excellent communicator who knows what your partner is going through. You love to make your partner feel more comfortable in your company.


You’re a passionately supportive and trustworthy girl. It would be ideal if you had a good encouragement to keep your confidence in your relationship alive, especially in the form of PDA, whether through him sharing photographs of you two with everyone on social media or you two attending his ex’s wedding arm-in-arm. You’d like him to treat you like the most influential figure on the planet.


Virgo, you are the woman who is exploited because of her trustworthiness and sincerity. Bloodsuckers frequently latch on to you while you do all of the work. You release power for yourself due to your profession and needing to devote time to a man. That’s likely why you’d rather be a single lady than a married one.


Libra, you’re really about your relationships and live your life as if you’re in a rom-com. You are more about love, from giving your sweetheart adorable gifts to arranging pleasant romantic evenings. You enjoy doing it all and exchanging it with them as if you and they were two halves of the same complete.


You can seem to be a fundamental paradox to everyone around you, like Morticia Addams disguised as Minnie Mouse. Let’s assume you need an attentive boyfriend sympathetic to your mood changes and temper tantrums because very few people can understand you.


You may be forgetful and opposed to attachment, yet when you admire somebody, you support them wholeheartedly. Anyone you’re around benefits from your encouragement, laughing, and positivity. The only problem is that, notwithstanding your loving and caring personality, you’re never sure you want to remain with that individual!


Capricorns want their mates to be well-behaved and well-educated, but they subconsciously prefer the type they have to “repair.” You like bad guys, so you can try to transform him into the woman he transformed himself into. You want to be the woman in a storybook love story; rather than Prince Charming, you select the heartbreakers.


You’re the ideal “cool lady,” too preoccupied with your buddies and job to be concerned about a loving relationship. You wouldn’t let a guy forget that you’re a free woman with other goals, and being a partner is only a minor part of your personality. You’re tired out of love if he isn’t mentally challenging enough for you.


You understand how to entice somebody with kindness and compassion, making them so enamored by you that they are clueless in the face of your flaws. You make sure they see only your fun side at first and also that they fall madly in love with you so deeply that they are unable to depart once the evil side emerges.

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