This is how you should choose your tarot deck, based on your sign


It’s not easy to find the correct tarot deck. The idea is to identify cards that correspond to your head, soul, and energy so that you may get the most okay reads from them. Aligning your zodiac sign character attributes with the images and vibe of the cards is a fantastic method to identify the same deck that better serves your feeling.

Check out the personalized tarot deck recommendations below based on your zodiac sign!


This tarot deck is vibrant and vivid. As an Aries, you would like to excel at anything and be the greatest at what you do, so it’s no surprise that you’d choose a colorful and lively tarot deck. (Because you’ll want to complete all of your psychic mediums using this deck, you’ll likely need more than one!)


Who doesn’t enjoy a little glitter? This deck adds charm, flair, interest, and a lot of cold to the tarot game. It’s also quite attractive, ideal for you, the luxurious and opulent zodiac sign. Your keen and refined creative pallet will be gratified every time you mix these cards.


As a Gemini, you’re analytical and pragmatic, which is why you’ll choose a short tarot deck that tells you just what you need to know. But there’s a unique twist: these cards incorporate true anecdotes from the author’s personal life as an actress. While picking these cards and perusing the deck’s instructions, get prepared to immerse yourself in great Hollywood stories.


Nothing is more essential to you than a tarot reading that the whole family can enjoy since you find harmony and security in family get-togethers and memorable moments with your relations. This kid-friendly tarot deck is the best option – no one will be left out!


You stroll on the bright side of the road and live in joy as a Leo. The cards in this tarot deck will make you feel seen entirely. Bright colors, uplifting sentiments, and beautiful iridescent borders will make your heart flutter and help you feel deeply linked to the deck.


You crave information, which is why this tarot deck will entice you right away. Each card features a variety of real-life personalities that have impacted the globe, from Josephine Baker to Frida Khalo. Great women characters from history can aid you in gaining knowledge and understanding each card quickly.


These cards will increase your creative energy and give you the feeling that you can combine innovation and faith into one. The artwork on this tarot deck is stunning, with each card being more beautiful than the last. It’ll be love at first sight when you disassemble these cards, which you trust in wholeheartedly.


You enjoy delving into things, particularly when it comes to your mindfulness development. You may use this tarot deck to interact with horoscope, math, and history all at once. All bases will be explored to gain the entire spectrum of answers you seek, with no metaphysical stone untouched.


This one has a great yearning for positive vibes. For you, Sag, this tarot deck is a no-brainer. These cards reward you with good vibes for all of the joy you contribute to the world. You’ll never have to worry about getting unfortunate news when you draw from this deck. Even if you do, it’s in your instinct to treat it with skepticism.


You adore all of the standards, particularly when they’re given a contemporary spin. Gorgeous, diversified artwork portrays the compelling central of each card in this tarot deck. Because when you form a relationship, you fall hard, and you will love this deck; you’ll never want to use another card to make guesses or get understanding.


You’ll feel morally and emotionally united with this tarot deck if you’re a natural renegade and rebel. These cards provide insight into the future and provide information on how to combat the system. When you start flipping through these motivating and inclusive tarot cards, you’ll be inspired to take action instead of allowing fate to decide for you.


The heavenly artwork portrayed on each tarot card will instantly connect with your mystical spirit. You’ll be captivated by how astrology and tarot work together to convey a complex story about your life. Each card you pick is intended to bring you a greater awareness of your soul, allowing you to obtain clarity about your future and inner peace about the present.

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