Tea Leaf Prediction – Tasseography

The Secrets Of Tea Leaf

Today’s Secret of the tea leaf lies at the bottom of the teacup. What will is the future that lies ahead of you? Discover Your Fortune in the Bottom of a Teacup, opening a window to another world!

Fortune Telling Tea Cups

Tasseography (also known as tasseomancy) is a divination or fortune-telling method practice dating back thousands of years and was first attributed to people in China. This is the interpretation of patterns in tea leaves. Over the years, many symbols have been built up. Over this time, many symbols and interpretations have been built up and got popular during the seventeenth century when Dutch merchants introduced tea to Europe and in recent years the movie “Harry Potter” feature its own version as well.

After a cup of tea is poured and consumed without a strainer, any remaining liquid drained, you now look at the pattern of the tea leaves. Allowing imagination to form shapes suggested.

Today, let your choice of tea cup reveal insights of the future. Unveil what the future holds and gain insightful information that will help you in life. Are you ready to reveal what is at the bottom of your tea cup?

Daily Tasseography

Touch Your Desired Tea Cup To Reveal Your Interpretation For Today