Tea Leaf Prediction – Sun

Tea Leaf Prediction – Sun Discover What Your Tea Leaf Has To Say About Your Future Event.


Tea Leaf Prediction - Sun

Sun – Great Happiness! Spend This Time Wisely

Immediate Future:

As the Sun has been shown, it symbolizes your immediate future; immediate happiness. The Sun is probably one of the best prediction to get. Everyone wants to be happy no matter what happens in life. Many say happiness can’t be achieve by wealth, this is true to a certain extend. When you are well to do, you tend to spend on things you do not need to make yourself think you are happy, but sometime this may just be an illusion, leaving you feeling empty inside. Hence, Having happiness is the greatest thing, so please spend this time very wisely. Spend it with someone who means the world to you, or with your family. When you are happy, this happiness tend to spread with whoever you spend you time with. So spend your time wisely and do not just keep it to yourself. This may be the best time of your life and you might just impact people that you care during this period. 

In business, you are reminded why did you started it in the first place. There was a purpose that brought on to the business. Yes, earning money is one thing but the underlining purpose is the one that is making you happy. This purpose is realized recently and hence great happiness. Head out to celebrate with your partner or even the whole company, sharing the joy with one and all. 

Near Future:

As the Sun has been shown, it symbolizes your near future; may be important to take note but it will not be life-changing. With happiness, do however take note not to over do it. Celebration can take place but please do not go overboard. For businesses, do remember to also spend this time with your family as they were the ones that were there by you as you struggled through the years. Do things that are meaningful and you will be able to maintain this happiness for a longer period of time. As always do not take it for granted as it might just be over before you know it. Spread this happiness as much as possible, as your loved ones do need them as well. Try your best to remember the reason that led to this happiness, by doing so you will be able to know what exactly was the reason and you could potentially do it again. 

Future In Time To Come:

As the Sun has been shown, it symbolizes your Future In Time To Come; things that are subjected to changes. This happiness have meant a great deal to you. You have managed to spread it to plenty of people that you care about. As life moves on this happiness slowly fades away and you are back at where you were before. Do not be dishearten as you have gain the experience of happiness and you will be able to experience it again. Try to remember what exactly made you happy the last time and work toward that again. It may take some time but you will be able to get there eventually. Meanwhile, sit tight, work hard and everything else will fall in place. 

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