Tea Leaf Prediction – Mountain

Discover What Your Tea Leaf Has To Say About Your Future Event.


Tea Leaf Prediction - Mountain

Mountain – Journey, Pack Everything Its Time To Go

Immediate Future:

As the Mountain has been shown, it symbolizes your immediate future; immediate move or journey is about to happen. This could mean a big or small move. It could be your new placement in an overseas job, or it could be moving back to your parents place. Whatever it is, get ready for the move. This move will be good for you as you get to rethink your life and everything that has happened in the past year. Looking at all the decisions you made that led you to where you are. This could be the opportunity of a life time where you move to another country for an overseas job posting. Your chance to step up and really grow in your career and as a person. Though moving back to your parents’ place does not seem that fantastic, it is really not that bad after all. You get to spend more time with your old man which you have not been able to do for a while now. This could be a good time for some proper family time and a nice break from work. 

In business, this could mean a possible regional expansion. Relocating yourself to head the team in a regional location. Though it may be scary and risky move, this is really good for your business growth as well as personal growth. Do make sure you speak to everyone that is involve, as this move may also affect your personal life. 

Near Future:

As the Mountain has been shown, it symbolizes your near future; this may be just as important but it may not be life-changing. As this move is a big thing for you and is potentially the biggest change in your life. Do also consider if you should move. As this is a huge decision and could be a life alternating one, please speak to someone close and weight out your pros and cons to this move. Though you may think that it would be a great idea in terms of your career or business expansion, or just allowing more time with your parents. There might be other factors that you might want to consider. This could be uprooting your whole family to move with you, which could potentially affect your kids’ life drastically. This could also mean drifting from your family if they are not permitted to move with you. Whatever the case, it may the time to take out a pad and write down the pros and cons of the move and evaluate it personally and with a close friend. This will help you make a responsible decision and not on impulse. 

Future In Time To Come:

As the Mountain has been shown, it symbolizes your Future In Time To Come; things that are subjected to changes. As you gradually narrow down your decision of the move, things in your life is about to change. You could either be adapting to your new environment or happily staying put at where you are at. Do remember that though these changes may or may not be something you are happy with, you can always revert back your decision. Taking a step back may not be simple but its will definitely be worth it if you do not think it was a right decision after making the move. As time goes may, this wrong decision you thought was so right, is slowly eating you up. When that happens, you will be miserable, and that is when you know you should revert and return to where you truly belong. Do not be afraid to do so, as there may be a pleasant surprise waiting for you when you head back.

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