Tea Leaf Prediction – House

Discover What Your Tea Leaf Has To Say About Your Future Event.


Tea Leaf Prediction - House

House – Change; Success You Are About To Win Something.

Immediate Future:

As the House has been shown, it symbolizes your immediate future; immediate success. This could be either big or small successes. It could be a small win of top sales of the month or it could be employee of the year. It might even be winning the sport you love this Sunday. Either way this would be a time of happiness where you feel good about yourself and the effort you have put into that sport or that job. This make you feel appreciated and recognized as well for the time spend getting that success. This earns you an celebration for that work you put in, spend and share this joy with your loved ones, because you deserve it. 

In business, this might be the time you succeed in closing a big client or even getting featured on newspaper or getting an investor to believe in your vision. Something that you had to work really hard for, countless of sleepless night to where it is today. Again, celebrate with your partner or if you are doing it on your own, your loved ones. Joy shared is always a positive event and everyone will have a great time. 

Near Future:

As the House has been shown, it symbolizes your near future; this may be just as important but it may not be life-changing. Do be reminded to use this success to good use. Be it top sales of the month, or a investor believing in your vision. Whatever happens if no actions are followed up after, you success may just go wasted. Got the top sales or employee of the month? Try your best to maintain that so you can always feel good about yourself. Managed to win in a sport you love? Keep trying your best to improve it, as there will always be someone better. A huge investment from an investor? Make full use of it and do not get too over yourself with the money at hand. Make wise decision with it and make as much progress as you can with that capital. 

Future In Time To Come:

As the House has been shown, it symbolizes your Future In Time To Come; things that are subjected to changes. The step right after your success will determine what comes in the future. Do not get complacent as that will only hurt you and what you have done before. If you play your cards right this success may just change your future, leading to bigger and greater things. It be a promotion, a new job that pays you better, a offer to join a team, or even an expansion of your business that you could only dream of in the past. These changes will only happen if you took the right steps with that success. So, do you best now to make sure it goes as smooth as possible. 

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