Tea Leaf Prediction – Grim

Discover What Your Tea Leaf Has To Say About Your Future Event.


Tea Leaf Prediction - Grim

Grim – Danger! Watch Your Back, Something Really Bad Is Near

Immediate Future:

As the Grim has been shown, it symbolizes your immediate future; immediate Danger and something really bad is near. Let’s face it, no one likes danger nor to get into trouble, but this is always unpredictable. This might mean various happening from major to minor. It could be a car accident, a major illness, or it could be a co-worker backstabbing you. These are all danger that you are not expecting and unpredictable. All you can try to do is to prepare for it, think back, any major issues in your health that you did not get it treated? or did not patch things up with a co-worker? Now may be a good time for you to address that. If you have not gotten a check up in a long time, or have not gotten any insurance coverage, it may be a good time to start looking at options. 

In terms of business, this may be the darkest time of your business, it could be a lawsuit that is about to happen, or your employee is leaking information to your competitor. Once again this are not very predictable but you can prepare for them. Go through your business with a fine tooth comb and try to find every single misalign information, this will not only help you prepare for what’s about to come but it will allow you know to know every inch of your business so much better. 

Near Future:

As the Grim has been shown, it symbolizes your near future; this may be just as important but it may not be life-changing. With what’s to come, do spend more time with your loved ones and try your best not to stress about it. This may not be as serious or major as it seems. Do your best to prepare for it and let nature take its course. If it happens you will then re-evaluate your life and may be money isn’t that important after all. This may change your perspective on life which may be for the better. Who knows, this may just be the wake up call you need to know work-life balance, and health is more important then anything else. Talk to a few close friends, have a great time and you may just be able to pull this through 

Future In Time To Come:

As the Grim has been shown, it symbolizes your Future In Time To Come; things that are subjected to changes. After the danger period, you made to pull through, you would definitely have a different take on life, re-evaluating every single decision you made, your life flashing right before your eye leading up to that accident. You realize what is important to you and you will act on them. If it something minor like a co-worker backstabbing you, you rethink what you actually did to cause that. It could be nothing but just office competition, or it could also be something you said in the past. With business you will thinking how to pivot your business in a way this do no happen again. However, do not overthink it as it may lead to a bad decision in your life. 

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