Every sign has two sides; which one do you resonate the most with?


Did you realize that every sign has two faces? Some people are faithful to their sign’s depiction; then, some individuals are so close to others that their traits conflict.

If your horoscope prediction has always been off, this is probably the cause. After reading this, you might be quite at ease with your zodiac sign. Each one has numerous variants, as well as whether we recognize it or not, no two persons born under another sign are precisely alike. We all have characteristics that aren’t related to our zodiac sign.


Type 1 Aries:

You’re a hothead who won’t back away from an argument. You can be noisy and intimidating while being silent most of the time. People are very often frightened by you, and at some point, you don’t comprehend why.

Type 2 Aries:

People admire you because you are attractive. You can be greedy, but most people overlook it since they consider it a pleasure to be in your existence. You can look after yourself, but you enjoy being the center of attention. You are amongst the most determined signs, and you will always ensure that the work is completed, though it means being pushy.


Type 1 Taurus:

Whenever it comes to anything more than work, you’re a slug. You’d better stay in and watch Netflix than go out with your buddies. While you are dependable, you would not be if it wasn’t for your compassionate soul.

Type 2 Taurus:

You’re laid-back and arranged, but don’t make jokes when it comes to business. When you’re angry, you have had a fit of uncontrollable anger and will annihilate anyone who comes in your way. You are self-sufficient and possess a great deal of rational thinking. Others frequently seek your guidance.


Type 1 Gemini:

Everybody around you knows you’re a backbiting two-faced person, or at the very minimum, is mindful of your propensity. You’ll act as if you’re closest friends with people surrounding you, to sneak beside them and create stuff with their other acquaintances or even their essential others. Even though others bombard you, no one truly likes you.

Type 2 Gemini:

You are a reliable person who does not take advantage of people. You’re a people person who won’t allow anyone to stop you from doing what you want to do with your life. That being said, sometimes all you need to do is lie in the room and sleep sugar, which is perfectly acceptable.


Type 1 Cancer:

You are incredibly protective of the people you love. You protect individuals for much too long, standing in the way of making the errors they have to acquire valuable lessons. You allow others to exploit you and be more forceful inside your own life. You must seek to uphold for yourself rather than for others.

Type 2 cancer

You’re spunky, and while you care for the people near you, you won’t allow their wants to get in the way of your own only if it’s necessary. You’ve reached your life sorted out, and you’ll happily help others who need it, but they won’t reap the benefits of you.


Type 1 Leo:

You’re arrogant and too focused on yourself. Just you are the one who matter in this world. You’re a jerk because you don’t care about anybody’s well-being but your own. People despise you, but also because of your high status, they are obliged to appear to like you.

Type 2 Leo:

You enjoy being the point of attention, but you’re not opposed to assisting others occasionally. You’re witty and open, and rather than appearing to know what you don’t, you’d instead share knowledge. You have some insecurities, but not to the extent they overtake you.


Type 1 Virgo:

You’re well-organized and a little egotistical. You prefer to interact with others only if they are friends, and you will spend little time outside your home. You are a diligent person who worries more often than is necessary.

Type 2 Virgo:

You enjoy having casual connections and are skilled at solving problems. You are genuinely highly emotional and have a secret free spirit that you do not express.


Type 1 Libra:

You love long partnerships above flings and diversions, and you will not waste your precious time with them. You are ready to admit when you are mistaken and will always make amends. You’re an excellent mediator who can persuade many people to refrain from doing stupid stuff.

Type 2 Libra:

You’re really on the lookout for new information and know a great deal more than you’ll admit. You’re tough to tell no to and can sometimes come across as a bully. I believe you’re a touch petty because you use your wits a little too often to seize power in circumstances that don’t exist.


Type 1 Scorpio:

You’re a beauty who enjoys chasing after women. You’ve perfected the art of love, but you don’t like to commit to one individual for far too long. You’re out over, then on to the next thing if somebody else grabs your attention. You’re a bit of a problematic disaster the whole time.

Type 2 Scorpio:

As long as the embers of desire do not flame out, you are passionate and well in partnerships. People enjoy your caustic methods because you have a wonderful sense of humor. People gravitate towards you, and you take it as a compliment.


Type 1 Sagittarius:

You roam far too much and like doing whatever is enjoyable to you. You’re cold and distant and never commit to one individual. While your journeys have provided you with a wealth of knowledge, you have no notion how to put it into practice.

Type 2 Sagittarius:

You enjoy traveling with others and are content to stay in one spot for a while from time to time. You are a risk-taker who is more involved in the world than the average person. You are compassionate and caring, and you will go out of your way to help needy people, no mind what it costs you.


Type 1 Capricorn:

You’re a clueless idiot who wastes much too much time in the office and far too little time with people. You believe that your line of thinking is really the only way to think, and then you will not examine any other options. You have such a lot of stuff to settle with because you’ll never be delighted till you do.

Type 2 Capricorn:

When you’re upset, you’re rough with your comments, and subsequently, return to double-check your facts. Your word is trustworthy, and you can be relied on in a pinch. You despise waiting because you lack tolerance and have excessive expectations for just about everything.


Type 1 Aquarius:

You reckon for yourself and remain objective at all times. You’re a lousy pretender who mostly laughs halfway through your stories. People usually assume you’re somewhat out of this planet because you’re more imaginative than most other signs.

Type 2 Aquarius:

You are extraordinarily self-reliant and autonomous. You despise needing to ask others for assistance and will go a long way in preventing doing so. People misinterpret you frequently, and no one can foresee your actions. You remember your past errors and never repeat them. If you turn your attention to it, there is nothing you can’t achieve. However, you should be aware that we all require assistance from time to time.


Type 1 Pisces:

You have the best temperament and are far too delicate for your benefit. Folks assume you as a good friend since you always seem to bring out the best from those around you. You have a strong sense of gut and always go with your gut. You would not allow someone with sinister motives to remain in your existence.

Type 2 Pisces:

You’re wary, and rightly so; you’ve seen how shady individuals can be. You’re a daydreamer who spends so much time alone, either enjoying video games or watching cartoons. You are an extremely emotional person who requires attention in a relationship and are, to put it mildly, outstanding.

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