Tea Leaf Prediction – Bird

Discover What Your Tea Leaf Has To Say About Your Future Event.


Tea Leaf Prediction - Bird

Bird – Good News, Check Your Mail/Email Today

Immediate Future:

As the Bird has been shown, it symbolizes your immediate future; good news is just around the corner. Are you expecting any result lately? May be a exam result, a job interview, or even a medical report. Your immediate future may just be news of that. Though the wait was long, the news is just about to be release and it might just be a good one. This could mean landing and nailing that interview you did months back. It could also mean your bar results just came in and you are going to be a lawyer. Or even, your medical report that you were so anxiously waiting for coming back as a piece of good news. This could be a good time for you to celebrate and just a take break from the stress and anxiety, as is finally good now. 

Near Future:

As the Bird has been shown, it symbolizes your near future; this may be just as important but it may not be life-changing. With the piece of good news, do take time to celebrate as mentioned. Do however, also caution what the next step will bring. Even though good news has presented itself, that does not mean smooth sailing from now. If you just got an email landing a new job, do be cautious in your new work environment. Be humble and learn from everyone, ask questions and do no shy away from opportunity when it present itself. If you just got a good news in terms of your health or medical report, be cautious of your next step. Do try your best to keep it that way by introducing a health routine to your daily activities.

Future In Time To Come:

As the Bird has been shown, it symbolizes your Future In Time To Come; things that are subjected to changes. With the good news settling in, you have understand what that really means to you. Be it a new job, a straight As or a positive medical report, it has all sunk in and you have moved on. Do remember that feeling you had when you receive that piece of good news, as usually these do come with hard work. Use that feeling that you remember clearly to do better and the next piece of good news will follow. In terms of medical report, do try to keep it that way and good news in that area will come more frequently even during simple check-ups. As when it comes to health prevention is better than cure. Do not take that good news for granted and try to start working towards the next good news you are looking forward too. 

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